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Updated: Jan 22, 2020

You are a non-European national and after a period of careful consideration you have decided to take the legal and administrative steps to immigrate to Europe. Whatever the motivation for this project (family, professional, economic and financial), it will certainly commit the rest of your life, and you will therefore have to devote a great deal of energy to preparing your application for a long-stay Schengen visa.

This application marks the start of any immigration process to Europe, and must be made at the Consulate of the country of destination, in your current country of residence. You will have the choice between carrying out these complex procedures by yourself, or being assisted by an Immigration Consultant.

For a truly secure advice and assistance, the choice of a lawyer who is an expert in immigration law is essential, in view of the ethical framework and professional responsibility which constitutes a guarantee, including a financial guarantee for the Client.

However, this choice must be relevant and it is particularly important to take into account the parameters related to the professional seniority and the level of real expertise in immigration law and the nationality of the lawyer.

This is not always easy !

At this crucial moment, you will need to choose an immigration lawyer in your country of destination.

The platform makes it easy for you ...

Among the partners of the Visalex network, you will find between 3 and 5 hand-picked and trusted Visalex immigration Lawyers, in your EU country of destination.

Their expertise is fully guaranteed in the field of Immigration and Nationality law, as well as the length of their professional experience, and the perfect mastery of digital practices allowing them to optimise any remote or complex communication.

At this stage you have ruled out the main risk you faced, due to the lack of accessible information : the choice of an immigration lawyer who is insufficiently or not at all specialized in immigration law.

The secure environment of the Visalex platform now allows you to focus on the profile of the local Visalex lawyers, whose firm is presented in detail.

By choice, we present you on a tray the 3 to 5 law firms from our selection : 1 single lawyer would have left you no real choice, the complete list of local immigration lawyers would have been of no use to you.

At this stage, you have 2 options :

1- Contact the Visalex Evaluation Center in Paris :

This contact can be made by phone or email. In order to provide you with the first useful or missing information, and to help you formalize your immigration project, while qualifying it legally, you will immediately be taken care of by a multilingual immigration lawyer.

After having formalized your request, we will immediately communicate it to our local partner lawyers, who will contact you within a maximum of 48 hours.

2- Get in direct contact with the Visalex law firm(s) of your choice, among those offered by the platform : telephone and email contact details as well as the website are directly accessible.

Thanks to this optimised process, and depending on the option you have chosen, you will have the assurance that you will be informed and given valid advice in record time, and that you will be able to implement your immigration project in Europe in the best conditions of success.

Contact :

Visalex Evaluation Center

00 33/1 78 76 75 15 (Paris-France)

Our expertise

Schengen visa

We secure and monitor your Schengen visa or ETIAS visa waiver application.

Residence permit

We obtain your resident permit in the EU state of your choice, for over 3 months stay.


We assist and advise you to apply for the citizenship of a european country.

Business immigration

We optimize your professional / business entrance on the EU market: Investors, managers...

Judicial Litigation

Applicaton denied, airport assisance, travel ban in the Schengen Information System.

Cross border cases

Local support in the EU for the execution of a foreign judicial decision, Exequatur...