Effects of the corona pandemic on the immigration of skilled workers to Germany

The Federal Employment Agency expects the corona pandemic to have an impact on the immigration of skilled workers from abroad. "In fact, it is already noticeable that placements from abroad are declining," said a spokeswoman for the Federal Employment Agency. The number of applications under the Skilled Workers Immigration Act has remained at the level of the previous weeks, she said. "However, one can safely assume that applications will decrease after visa offices, immigration authorities and other partners have reduced their operative work," she said. The law came into force on 1 March 2020. It is intended to facilitate immigration from non-EU countries. Companies hope to be able to hire skilled workers from abroad more quickly than before. The overall aim of the law is to help alleviate the shortage of skilled workers in Germany. The Federal Ministry of Labor expressed concerns that the law could start as planned. Although it does not yet have any information on whether the implementation is stalling due to the corona pandemic, the Federal Ministry of Labour expressed its concern that the law could start as planned. The entry stops decided by the EU are also likely to have an impact on the immigration of skilled workers. The spokeswoman of the Federal Agency said that this would be compounded by regulations of the countries of origin and limited travel opportunities. She also said that the demand for skilled labour on the part of companies could decrease due to future economic developments. Source: Migazin

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